Friday, June 5, 2009

I love... me

Today my girlfriend passed her NLP exams at Commitments. She had to do a presentation of what she felt she learned from the past year of soul-searching and reprogramming. Her production was impressive: she did a stand up comedy routine, starting and ending with a song with piano accompaniment.

She started with a song called "Flowers are red". It's a tragic song about how spontaneity is broken in the educational process. The original song is by Harry Chapin who was inspired to write it after reading the text on a eleven year old boys report card that said: "Your son marches to the beat of a different drummer, but don't worry. We'll have him joining the parade by the end of the term"

The song is about enforced conformity and it's heartrending in both Harry's version as well as my girlfriends. She's spent the greater portion of her life conforming to other peoples wishes. Only recently, with the help of the NLP training, and through her indomitable will, she's found a way to shed all these layers of expectation.

In her presentation this afternoon, she shed layer after layer of clothing, till she was left in her lingerie. Then she sang a dutch song, made by a stand up comedian called Harry Jekkers that in translation says: "I love.... me".

I've never been more proud in my life then when I saw her perform today. She was scared spitless by the idea of standing up in front of all these people in her undies, but real courage is not the absense of fear, rather feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Her courage has shone right through today and has touched the hearts of everyone who was present.

I'll add pictures when they become available.

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