Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great digital photography by a great friend

My good friend Toos Poels makes spectacular photo's. I prefer to use her stuff whenever I can on my blog because she's got a wonderful way of viewing the world. Naturally she hasn't covered all the topics I write about but a fair bit of them she's got pictures of.

I've been looking for a way to promote her stuff, basically because she's my friend and way too modest about her stuff. So I built her a photoblog. I'll maintain it for her too, all she does is hand me the pictures and a little remark about where they were taken. The results are simply stunning and can be seen at toosphotoos

Take a look, sign up for her feed, tell your friends, she's got the stuff.

A quick sample: This is the lowly Dandelion, when it goes to seed it is the inspiration for my name Windtraveller.

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